Hello Church,

I am glad it seems the weather is starting to look more like spring. I love seeing the leaves appearing on trees, proof summer is coming! Before we get there though we have to make it through spring sports. Wow… high school sure knows how to keep us busy this time of year. We’ll hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

Summer will offer many transitions in church activities and I’m looking forward to both the Campus and City sides of our ministry coming together with common Home Groups over the summer.

As we head into May, there is another transition we wanted to make you aware of. As many of you know our staff are employed through Reliant Mission. Reliant has a desire for their missionaries to be able to minister in a healthy manner for as long as God calls them to serve. One of the ways they encourage health is through offering opportunities for sabbaticals. Several of our staff have been able to take advantage of this generous gift, and Jason Bennett is starting a 6-month sabbatical this week.

The EMT is excited Jason is taking this time to be refreshed, envisioned, and anything else God has for him during this time away from his normal work. You may see the Bennetts around some during Jason’s sabbatical, and Jason will be back to his normal duties in early November. I’d invite you to pray for the Bennetts as they enter this time.

Graig Austin, on Behalf of the Elder and Minister Team