Greetings! Thanks for your interest in Rivendell, New Life’s counseling ministry.

At Rivendell, we seek to become people of the Presence, who transform New Life Church into kingdom healers who bless, defend, & grow glory through repentance and love—until all is new.

New Life has two professional counselors and one counseling intern: Jessie Filicicchia, MA, LLPC, Jennie Damron, MA, LLPC, and Teresa Rittinger, BA, Graduate Student Intern (GSI), MA-MFT Candidate.

Rivendell is focused on providing college students and individuals who are a part of New Life Church with professional counseling. Some Rivendell counselors do offer a free one-time consultation session to those who sign up for counseling.

We sometimes have a wait list for ongoing counseling, so if you find that is the case, we have also included below a list of other counselors outside of New Life Church that we recommend.