Premarital Class

Because of the ongoing pandemic, we are not running a large group in-person class this winter. Couples will have the opportunity to work through the class material digitally with a mentor couple as their schedules allow. Sign-ups are currently open.

Premarital class at New Life Church is a two part program. The goal of the program is to teach engaged couples what the Bible says about marriage and to help give them practical tools to build a solid foundation for a Christ-centered marriage.

First, engaged couples will participate in a large group teaching session on six Sunday afternoons.

Second, each engaged couple will be paired with a mentor couple who they will meet with later that week. Mentor couple sessions will discuss the teaching from the previous Sunday in a more personal and in depth setting.

If you are engaged to get married or close to it, and interested in our premarital class, sign up below

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If you have additional questions, view our FAQ below or contact Carson Witte

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Premarital Class For?

Premarital class is required for anyone interested in being married by a pastor of New Life Church or to be married at the New Life Church building. This program is designed for those couples who are currently engaged and attending New Life Church. At this time we are not able to accommodate those couples who are not yet engaged.  Engaged couples who are to be married outside of New Life are not required to participate in the premarital class program at New Life Church. However, it is strongly encouraged for each engaged couple to participate in some form of premarital classes. It will be a beneficial investment of your time to prepare for one of life’s greatest transitions.

What if I can't make one of the sessions?

Each large group session is recorded and will be available for download. However, we encourage you to make the large group sessions a priority in your schedule!

How much does this cost?

Premarital class will be $35 per couple. This cost covers all teaching materials & the Prepare-Enrich online assessment. You can pay online at or bring a check with you to the first session.

How much of a time investment will we need to make?

The premarital class will require you to invest approximately 1 hour to complete the Prepare-Enrich assessment, 4-5 hours per week for 6 weeks. This includes the Sunday afternoon large group sessions, the mentoring session, and the time required to complete any homework assigned. We believe that as you invest more time into the premarital class it will be far more beneficial in helping you prepare for your marriage.

When are mentoring sessions going to be held?

Mentoring sessions will be coordinated between you and your mentor couple. The time and day will be whatever fits best in everyone’s schedule. The only requirement is that you are able to finish the homework prior to your mentoring session. Who will be my mentor couple? Mentor and engaged couples will be paired by the leaders of the premarital class. Factors such as age, life status, and affiliation within New Life will be taken into account when determining the pairs.

How far in advance do you recommend participating in premarital classes?

Due to the limited amount of mentor couples available we are not currently able to accommodate couples that are not yet engaged. An ideal time for an engaged couple to participate in the program is within one year of their wedding date.

What topics will be discussed during the premarital classes?

Our premarital class covers six topics- one for each week. These topics include: God’s design for marriage, oneness in marriage, communication, roles, finances, intimacy.

Will completion of New Life's premarital classes result in a New Life Pastor being available to marry me?

No. Couples are responsible for finding a pastor and requesting that they perform the wedding ceremony.

Are there any books or additional resources you would recommend?

We have compiled a list of additional resources that we recommend for those who are interested in further study. Click here to view