Carson Witte*

I’m a sports nut and a bit of a goofball. I really enjoy people with all their quirks and stories. I’m a firm believer that fishing is spiritual and country music is good for the soul. I grew up in Coopersville, Michigan with my parents and two sisters. I now have four nieces and nephews who are a ton of fun and bring a lot of joy to my life. My first contact with New Life was my freshman year when I filled out a spiritual interest survey. Nik Spasovski, now a good friend, followed up on the survey and shared the Gospel with me. I placed my faith in Christ the following summer and dove into the church community when I returned to campus my sophomore year.

After graduating, I was working at a U of M research lab and spending my free time leading small groups and discipling students. I felt alive working with students, like this is what I’m made for, and heard God calling me to ministry in 2011. I’m so grateful to be able to do this as a career! I believe in the value of individuals. I love getting to know people and I’m moved to compassion when I hear stories of young people struggling in life. God changed my life when I was a student and gave me solid ground to stand on and a church family to belong to. My growth in Christ has changed the way my family lives and has offered me new hope and purpose. I’m passionate about helping others find this same hope that I have.