Joel VanderSchel

My wife, Rose, and I were high school sweethearts from the marching band: the drummer boy and the flag girl. We have four awesome boys and one very sweet little lady: Jonathan, David, Michael, Timothy, and Mary. I got involved in New Life when it wasn’t so widely known on campus, and the means were rather providential. I was looking hard for a church during my freshman year and sharing the Gospel with a friend named Brian, as were some folks from New Life. When Brian committed his life to Christ, he invited me to come to church with him. I gladly accepted, thinking, “This church is making a difference in people’s lives.” That belief has only strengthened over time.

Why did I go into ministry? Because you only live once. I want to make my life count as much as I can. In 2000, I realized that life is simply too short not to do what I really wanted to do: live a life of ministry. I believe that God made me competent and able to serve the church in a critical way. He knew I’d be needed here, at this church and at this time, and He has prepared me along the way. I unquestionably believe that the Church is God’s agent to change the world. I want to see the church thrive more and more every day. I want it to be the very best it can be. I also long for God’s people to experience the beauty and blessing of being continually formed into the image of Christ.