Gaia Stanley

I am an Ann Arbor-ite to the core. I love all that this city and campus have to offer, like free music, learning opportunities, and great natural beauty. I find myself continually discovering the gems of this place. My passion for this city and campus cultivates a desire for God to reign more and more here. There is so much darkness mixed in with the beauty that I love, and I long to see that transformed. I first visited New Life while I was in high school. I read about the church’s value of authentic relationships and knew that it was the place for me if I were to attend the University of Michigan. It has been over a decade since I first became involved!

I love seeing how God’s truth can touch a heart and transform a life. Few things bring me greater joy than seeing someone understand God’s Word or character in a deeper way. My gifts and passions lead me to speak God’s truth into others’ lives. It is seeing individual lives impacted by God’s Word that has caused my passion for ministry to grow. I serve the students in South Quad, Martha Cook and Fletcher. I love helping them discover what God is teaching them and brainstorm ways that they can reach out to their friends. I also serve as a Region Director, overseeing the health and direction of South Quad FC, Westside and Southstreet and working with the staff who lead them. It is a joy to assist my co-workers as they live out what God has made them for.