Amy Grace Smith

Like plenty of U of M alums, growing up I was a smart, disciplined, and well-behaved kid. But beneath my academic achievements, I also had a thirst for adventure and belonging. I called myself a Christian, but for a long time I searched for these things outside of the Lord. During high school, Jesus graciously gave me a wake up call and pulled out the rug from underneath me. In that season I was in desperate need of Him, and found He was already there, ready to transform my heart and life, and ready to satisfy those desires of belonging and adventure I’d been so thirsty for. I found that there’s nothing as sweet as being loved by God, and nothing quite as exciting as knowing Jesus and being a part of establishing God’s Kingdom here and now!

Today, my husband Shepherd and I are on staff with the Northside New Life Team, reaching out to and discipling upperclassmen students on North Campus (a down-to-earth bunch of engineers, artists, musicians, and others!). We are passionate about students experiencing a life-changing relationship with Jesus and the extraordinary joy of living life for and with Him. I am also involved in prayer ministry at New Life, and am eager for God to continue to grow our church and see the Kingdom come in and through prayer.