Kevin Rogan*

As an undergraduate student at UofM, I believed that as long as I did more good than bad that I’d be accepted into heaven. Well, I started chasing after a cute girl who invited me to her church, New Life Church and to start reading the Bible. It was in a New Life Church small group with 3 other guys that I heard and understood the gospel for the first time in my life. I understood God’s grace and gave my life and heart over to Christ in Sept 2000.

I fell in love with the mission of reaching college students for Christ and stayed around Ann Arbor to continue to be a part of New Life after graduating and finding a job in 2002. Following six years in Corporate America and volunteering at the church, I joined New Life’s growing staff team in 2008 on a full-time basis. I am still deeply driven and passionate to see more and more of our future leaders here on this campus come to know Christ and learn to live to follow Him the rest of their lives. And as a cute way of closing, I wanted to let you know that I eventually married that cute girl I was chasing to New Life Church – truly my life was transformed through this ministry!