Natalie Norton

When I came to Ann Arbor in the fall of 2013 to pursue a medical career, I had no idea that being a Christian at UofM could be more than attending church and staying out of trouble. I was invited by an older student to join her small group, where the first week I chickened out from meeting them. However, the second week I found belonging from a group of women who were committed to following Christ with their whole lives. I was transformed by experiencing life in Christian community where people truly cared for each other and devoted their time to sharing the Gospel and making disciples of Christ. My heart grew for sharing Christ with college students, and I was overjoyed when God called me to ministry in 2015.

My roles include befriending students and sharing the gospel with them, discipling students, leading small groups, and helping to lead a New Life team. I love getting to sit across a coffee shop table from students and talk about the heart, Jesus and eternity–living the dream. When I’m not in coffee shops, I’m running through nature, hammocking, or walking around town as a true hippie Ann Arborite in my elephant pants.