Rick Keith

I have been serving as a Pastor at New Life since 2001. My role, essentially, is to focus on the care and development of the staff and pastors. It is our hope to raise up pastors and teams to plant churches on other college campuses.

My wife Carol and I met at New Life when we were college students. Upon graduation, we jumped right into ministry and family and have a full life with both! The Lord blessed us with four children, and we are thankful that they are embracing their faith and two are now involved in campus ministry as students. Our mission statement for our family has remained steadfast: A Transition Generation. We are believing God to raise them to surpass us in faith and godliness.

I graduated from UM with a degree in Chemical Engineering, but went immediately into full-time ministry. I have enjoyed over 20 years with New Life, experiencing both the weight and joy of a life of service to God. I’ve served on the pastoral boards for both our Ohio State and Wayne State church plants, and I have taken graduate courses through Moody Bible institute and Equipping Ministries International. Carol now teaches elementary music for the Ann Arbor Public Schools.

We are excited to see all that God will do over the next 20 years…