Betsy Huebner*

Seeking what was true about God and what it meant to live for Him, I visited New Life Church and found it to be a place where I could explore these questions. I got involved, started following Christ, and haven’t looked back. When I graduated from Michigan in 2003, I felt God leading me on staff because of one core belief: that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the solution to the world’s problems. With others from New Life, I’ve gotten to spend time in slums and orphanages, to meet men and women fighting sex trafficking and police brutality, to become friends with refugees and those ravaged by disease. I have a strong desire for my life to fight problems like these in the world and, as I have wrestled with how God wants me to do so, I have come back time and time again to the fact that the root of all problems in the world is the spiritual problem of sin. I am deeply convinced that the Gospel of Jesus Christ alone can free human hearts from slavery to sin. I chose to go into ministry so I could devote my life to bringing the Gospel to college students who would then take the Gospel wherever they went around the world.

Working for New Life, I love the fact that my time goes to serve a mission that I deeply believe in, a mission that I believe will change this world and change lives for eternity. Over the years, I’ve gotten to fill many roles: small group leader, New Life Team leader, evangelist, mission trip leader, and administration. As I moved into foster parenting and then into adopting, the needs of the church have lined up incredibly well with the flexibility needed in this new path that God has guided me into, and it has led to me taking on two primary roles: the Director of Finances of New Life Church and the Executive Director of the A2 Missionary Fund.