Jack Duiven

I hail from Grand Rapids, MI where I grew up in the church for most of my life. Although I went to church stuff a lot, I felt pressure to be good at everything, got my value from my performance, and tried hard to not make any mistakes in life. My freshman year of college was a big turning point for me – I got invited to a lifegroup, went on a New Life spring break trip, and for the first time began to surrender every aspect of my life to God. I understood grace – God’s undeserved (and unearned) favor – for what felt like the first time.

After steadily growing in my faith during college and being used by God to influence others as a student, I went on staff after graduating in 2013. I believe the church is the hope of the world and there is no better place I could invest my life! I hope God will use me to boldly lead men and women into greater dependence on and intimacy with Jesus and I’m excited to use my gifts to advance his Kingdom. Right now I serve and co-lead the Hill Central New Life Team – a community of students from Markley, Stockwell, and Oxford.