Ryan Bondy*

At the end of my sophomore year I was invited to a service at New Life Church. It was a Monday night the week before final exams, and the church was hosting a celebration service. I remember being confused about how there was a church service on a monday night but when I arrived, the place was packed. The service had hundreds of students at it and they were all there, not worrying about their exams, not caring that it was a monday night, and just worshiping and praising Jesus.

In the worship at the end of the night I remember I was amazed by all of these things, what the church had been through, and that there were hundreds of kids like me who wanted to be worshiping God while on campus, and I prayed to God, telling Him I wanted to give the rest of my life to Him and that I wanted to do work for Him. That summer I did a leadership training program with new life and I was praying at the last service of the 2 month program and I felt God tell me that He made me to work as a college missionary.