Our plan for returning to in-person gatherings

Requirements for attending service

  • A mask must be worn on church property at all times
  • Social distancing from anyone not in your ‘pod’
  • Everyone who attends service must not
    • have a temperature (as defined by 100.4 F or higher)
    • have felt sick in the last week
    • have had contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid in the last 2 weeks
    • display any signs of sickness (cough, runny nose, diarrhea, or vomiting)
  • We ask that those who are at increased risk for severe illness according to the CDC not attend our services.
  • Children older than 2 must wear a mask

What will it look like to attend service?

The week before service

In order to not overfill our services we are requiring those who wish to attend to fill out our RSVP form that will be in The Bulletin each week (sent out on Monday). We are anticipating more people wanting to attend each service than we can safely accommodate. There is a question on the form asking the date of the next service you will be able to attend. Those we don’t have space for in a given week will be given priority for the next week they are able to attend. All RSVPs for the current week are due the Thursday before service.

If we have space for you at service you will receive an email on Thursday with all the details you could ever want regarding service. If we do not have space for you we will get back to you before Thursday and work toward getting you registered to attend the next service you are available for.

For those who do not receive our Bulletin, are new to our church, or just want to check New Life out please use this form to request to attend a service. We will also have a handful of seats reserved for new guests who walk up on a Sunday morning.

The day of service

  • Before leaving home, please go over the checklist provided in the Thursday email and ensure all members of your household have read and understood the email.
  • You will be asked to park in the Angell Elementary lot. When you arrive you will see a parker with a few additional screening questions. Shoot them a thumbs up if you answer ‘no’ to all the questions. If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions you will be asked to pull into the lot behind NLC for further conversation. We may give you a thermometer that you can keep and ask you to take your own temperature (if you are in need of a thermometer for home, please don’t hesitate to ask!) Please put your mask on before you exit your vehicle.
  • To maximize our capacity we will create a seating chart for each service. After you park you will wait along the side of the building to check in with the greeter who will direct you to your seat. Please go directly to your seat and sit down.
  • We ask that everyone use the bathroom before leaving the house. However, we know emergencies happen. If you use the bathroom at church we ask that you follow the signage in the restroom to wipe down all surfaces you touched before leaving.
  • For the time being there won’t be congregational singing during the service. If you wish to hum along to worship or whisper the lyrics, please do so!
  • There will be plenty of hand sanitizer available for use, and we will provide a mask for anyone who needs one.

After Service

In the event that you or someone from your household tests positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of this service or have been in direct contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 before you attended service, please contact Pastor Joel VanderSchel at covid.reporting@nlcweb.org.  Your information will be kept confidential between Betsy Huebner (representing NLC human resources) and Joel.

If you have any logistical questions please reach out to us at covid.ops@nlcweb.org