Infant – 5th Grade

Ages 0-2 (Ducklings and Lambs)

In our youngest classrooms, your child will begin to experience the love that God has for them in a tangible way through play and our volunteers undivided attention.

Ages 2-4 (Monkeys, Tigers, and Lions)

A Lifestyle of Worship through songs and crafts comes naturally to children as soon as they can move. We strive to cultivate that enthusiasm by sharing the Gospel, teaching Scripture, and encouraging joyful singing and movement to Jesus through group worship sessions and creative projects.

Kindergarten – Grade 5

Building upon a Lifestyle of Worship, your K-5th Grader will also learn how to live a Lifestyle of Community with their peers. Kids will tangibly learn how to live a life that is committed to Jesus Christ, to the church, and to building those around them up in love.