Covid19 Information

Updated 1/11/2022

Dear Church,

In light of the increase in the number of Covid infections in Michigan and the higher transmission rate of the Omicron variant, our Elder and Minister Team decided to re-evaluate our current Covid policies.

We have decided to continue with in-person Sunday services and livestreaming the service. With the options available to us to reduce the risk of infection and the severity of infection (masks, testing, vaccines, etc.) we believe we can responsibly have in-person gatherings. This virus is here for the foreseeable future, and other variants are likely to come up as well, so we as a church need to find ways to live with it and continue to be the church in our local community.

Current and updated Sunday service policies:

  • Everyone is required to wear a mask who is medically able to do so and above the age of 2 years old. Following recent CDC guidelines, we recommend a medical grade mask or dual layer cloth mask that fits tightly over your nose and mouth.
  • We are going to pause serving refreshments for at least the month of January to limit how often someone lowers their mask while gathering.
  • We will require band members to wear a mask on stage unless they are singing and fully vaccinated (with a booster).
  • Our balcony will continue to have socially distanced seating available (6 feet apart).
  • If you are experiencing any symptoms, we are asking you to stay home and watch the service on the livestream.
  • Since we are no longer collecting contact information for those who attend Sunday services, we will not be contacting you if you attended a service that someone who later tested positive for COVID also attended. If possible, we will assist that individual in letting those in close contact know about the situation.

General church building use update:

  • For at least the month of January we are requiring everyone who comes to the church buildings to wear a mask if they are medically able to. As mentioned above, we recommend this to be a medical grade mask or a dual layer cloth mask.
  • For the month of January, we are recommending that you do not eat meals with others while at the church buildings.

We recognize the very real fatigue that everyone is dealing with when it comes to the pandemic. Let us as a community continue to fix our eyes on Jesus, He is our good God and Savior, who has promised to be with us to the very end of the age! No matter what we are going through, He is by our side.

In Him,

Nik, Kyle, Gaia, Graig, Rick, Joel, Jay

NLC Elder and Minister Team

Dear New Life,

I hope this message finds you well. This morning the CDC updated the Covid transmission status for Washtenaw County to “Substantial.” According to the new CDC guidelines regarding mask wearing that came out last week this means our county is now strongly recommended to have everyone, regardless of vaccine his status, wear masks indoors in public. Taking this into consideration, our Elder and Minister Team has decided to now require masks for everyone for our Sunday morning service until our county moves to “Moderate” or “Low” for the community transmission rate. So please bring a mask with you when attending our Sunday Service. We do have extra masks we will have set out and available for anyone who needs one. One exception will be that for those who are serving on stage on Sundays, wearing a mask will be optional while on stage. Also anyone who is medically unable to wear a mask or young children (generally under the age of two) who can not wear a mask will not be expected to do so. All rows will remain open on the main floor of our auditorium and every other row open in our balcony.

I recognize that this may be challenging or discouraging for many of you. It has been for me! There is tremendous pandemic fatigue out there which is totally understandable, especially by all the back and forth, ups and downs. I was really encouraged by Hebrews 12 this morning. It reads, “Let us run with endurance the race that lies before us, keeping our eyes on Jesus, the source and perfector of our faith. For the joy that lay before him, he endured the cross, despising the shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God…Endure suffering as discipline…Therefore, strengthen your tired hands and weakened knees, and make straight paths for your feet, so that what is lame may not be dislocated but healed instead.” (Heb 12:1b-2, 7a, 12-13) Church family, we are called to run with endurance and to be trained and disciplined by suffering, and the key to doing so well is keeping our eyes on Jesus who suffered greatly to save each and every one of us! So let us find new strength for our tired hands and weakened knees in Him. Let us mark out straight paths before us and determine how we can follow Him through these challenging days with faith, with holiness, and with hope! For there are many, including ourselves at times, who are struggling to walk well, possibly to the point of feeling lame, who may get worse (dislocated) but who can instead be pointed to the ultimate Healer by seeing us be a people who place their hope in Him!

With Love,

Nik Spasovski, on behalf of our Elder and Minister Team

Hello Church Family,

I hope this message finds you well and you have been enjoying your summer. Our Elder and Minister Team decided this week to update one of our Covid precautions in light of current trends, feedback, and to honor differing comfort levels among our congregation. For our Sunday service balcony seating, we will now be requiring everyone to wear a mask who is sitting there during service. The balcony will continue to have every other row closed as well to accomodate social distance seating. The main floor of our auditorium will have all rows open and masks are optional. As a reminder, we just wrapped up our outdoor services for the months of June and July and this Sunday (8/1) we will transition back indoors. We hope you enjoyed our outdoor services and if you get a chance, please thank our wonderful tech and hospitality volunteers and worship band members who worked really hard to make those services happen!


Nik Spasovski, Pastor and Sunday Service Director

Hello Church Family,

We wanted to send you an update regarding our Sunday service Covid policies in light of our state lifting all mandates and restrictions this past week. We are still meeting outdoors in our backyard for Sunday services at 10:01am during the rest of this month and for July as long as the weather cooperates (come join us if you can!). If we have to move indoors due to rain and when we transition back to indoors fully in August here is what you can expect:

Effective Immediately:

  • Masks are optional indoors. The CDC is still recommending that unvaccinated individuals wear masks indoors in larger gatherings, so we would encourage you to factor that into your decision-making process for yourself and your household. We will completely respect anyone’s decision whether to wear a mask or not.
  • We will no longer have any capacity limits indoors.
  • We will not require an RSVP (this has been the case with the outdoor services and will continue for indoor services).
  • We will open all the rows on the main floor of our auditorium and no longer ask you to leave three seats between groups. For the time being, we will leave every other row closed in the balcony if anyone would prefer seating with social-distancing.
  • As we have been for the outdoor services, we will continue to allow congregational singing for our future indoor services.

If you have kids and are wondering about childcare during the service, we are working on a plan for NLKids and will be in touch during kick off with more info for this coming fall.

Thank you so much for all your prayers, your grace, and your patience during these challenging times! On a personal note, my prayer of blessing for each and every one of you is that you may feel the powerful presence and deep love of Jesus multiplied manifold beyond any pain and grief you have experienced this past year.

In Christ,
Nik Spasovski, on behalf of our Elder and Minister Team

Hello Church!

We are so excited to have outdoor services for the months of June and July and hope that you can join us to worship the Lord together in this way during the summer!
Outdoor Service Plan
  • We will be meeting in the backyard of 1547 Washtenaw (our smaller building that is next door to the main building/auditorium) at 10:01am every Sunday in June and July.
  • Please park in our usual parking places and walk over to the backyard.
  • If you have outdoor chairs and blankets, please bring them. We will have some extra chairs if anyone needs one.
  • We will not have outdoor projection set up, but will be providing lyrics through our website. We will have a few physical copies available if you do not have a smart device on hand.
  • We will livestream the outdoor service with a simple single camera angle livestream.
  • We are planning to incorporate fun ways to engage children during the service.
  • If we are experiencing inclement weather, we will email the church by 9am on Sunday morning to let you know the plan is to meet indoors that Sunday.
  • Lastly, please sit with your household/pod and maintain social distancing during the services.
In light of recent CDC and state guidelines and recommendations we have updated our Covid guidelines for Sunday services. Please continue to self-screen for Covid-related symptoms and if you are experiencing any or have tested positive for Covid please remain home.
Effective Immediately
  • Fully vaccinated worship leaders will not need to get a negative test the week they lead to sing without a mask.
Effective June 1st
  • Masks will be optional for outdoor services. Masks will be required if we move service indoors due to inclement weather.
  • Congregational singing will be allowed for outdoor and indoor services. After this date we plan on no longer asking you to hum or whisper the lyrics.
  • We will increase our capacity limit to 50% for our indoor services (250 people). There will be no capacity limit for our outdoor services. This is in line with our State’s new guidelines. 
  • We will no longer require an RSVP. Please come as much as you are able and now you can even decide last minute.
Considering for July 1st
There are decisions our Elder and Minister Team is considering making when our state lifts all major Covid mandates on July 1st according to plans that Governor Whitmer laid out this week. We will send another update when we get closer to this date to let you know what we decide.
  • Making masks optional for indoor services
  • Lifting all capacity limits and opening more or all rows
If you have any questions or would like to talk more about any of this please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Elder and Minister Team at
Thank you for all your grace and patience during this extended pandemic season.  We feel incredibly grateful for this community God has given us!
Nik, Gaia, Graig, Erik, Rick, Kyle, Jay, Joel
The Elder and Minister Team

Updated 1/18/2021

Hello Church!

With pandemic number improving and state orders being lifted or lifting soon we have decided to mostly return to what our Sunday service Covid safety protocols were prior to the state order in December. What this means is that we will again allow:

  • Speakers and emcees to speak on stage without a mask and worship leaders to sing without a mask if they have gotten a negative test that week
  • Everyone who is attending in person to remain in the church building if they’d like to socialize with others. We are asking everyone to do so with social distancing with those who are not a part of your pod
  • We are adjusting our max capacity back to 125 people (an increase from 100 we were doing).

If you’d like to see a list of all our safety protocols they can be found here. Thank you all so much for your grace and patience during these times as we try to discern and make decisions for the best of our church. Despite all that is happening in our world, Jesus is still Lord and Savior! He is our hope, He is our light, He is good and He is with us!

With you,

Erik, Graig, Rick, Gaia, Nik, Kyle, Joel, and Jay

Elder and Minister Team


Updated 11/18

Hello Church,

Most of you are aware that our state issued a new 3-week health order intended to curb the rising number of COVID cases in Michigan. Our Elder and Minister Team took time over the past two days to read through this order, gather information and counsel, and seek the Lord on what this means for our church. If you would like to read the full order, you can find it here

In light of this order and the current state of the pandemic we have decided to move all of our home groups and discipleship groups to online meeting spaces if they were not already. However, each week we will continue offering an in-person Sunday service with additional precautions.

For at least the next 3 weeks, the changes to our Sunday Service protocols are as follows:

  • We are lowering our max capacity from 125 to 100 people.
  • For seating within your pods, we are redefining social pods as the state has now defined them, to be no more than 10 people of 2 households(Here is a helpful graphic from the state regarding social pods.)
  • We are requiring those on stage (including pastors, worship leaders, emcees, and those giving a slice of life) to wear a mask at all times, even while speaking/singing.
  • We will be asking those in attendance to leave the church building directly at the conclusion of the service to avoid congregating too closely or for too long inside. 

We will reevaluate these protocols when the current 3-week order expires. 

The reasons we are continuing to offer an in-person service are 3-fold. First, we want to continue to provide a space for corporate worship to those who are most isolated right now. We know that, for some of us, Sunday morning is our only opportunity for real interaction with another person in the course of the week. Secondly, we observed that the order is directed at higher risk environments where COVID transmissions are most likely to occur at this time (like high schools, restaurants, and holiday gatherings in private homes) and not toward environments where transmission has been low (like K-8 schools and hair salons, for example). Lastly, we have had no known cases or transmission of COVID at any of our Sunday services to this point, and we believe we can continue to offer a high degree of safety moving forward. For these reasons, we have decided to make use of the religious exemption afforded us in the current order and to continue offering our in-person worship services at this time. 

Of course no amount of diligence and planning on our part can preclude all risk, so please continue to consult your own conscience and comply with all relevant safety protocols for the sake of those around you. 

If you would like to connect more about this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Elder and Minister Team at

As a church, we dream of showing people Jesus, equipping for life, loving as Jesus loved, and living sent. These are not simply dreams for life before or after COVID. Life is happening now. So let’s continue to be courageous as we hold on to the love, power, and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. He never changes, is always in control, and will always be with us!

In Christ,

Nik, Joel, Jay, Kyle, Gaia, Rick, Graig, and Erik

Elder and Minister Team of New Life

Updated 11/6/2020

Hello Church!

We, the Elder and Minister Team, wanted to reach out to you to give you an update about Sunday church service and a couple of changes we are making to our Covid safety guidelines. We are continually evaluating our Sunday gathering in this pandemic season and considering how we can make deliberate and careful changes that positively impact our church community while maintaining a high level of safety. We recently decided to make two changes:

  1.     This change will go into effect immediately: Children of all ages are welcome to come to our Sunday church service. Out of an abundance of caution, we decided to originally not have the youngest children who could not wear a mask come to service. We have decided to amend that position and allow kids of all ages to attend now. We are still asking that people maintain 6 ft of social distancing throughout our service, and this will be especially important with the little ones who are unable to wear a mask. We are asking that children ages 2 and up who can safely wear a mask to continue to do so. All children will be asked to maintain social distancing and remain in their seat for the duration of service. We will have the fireplace room on the first floor remain a designated nursing room like it has been in the past.  
  1.     This change will go into effect for our church service on November 15th: We are going to no longer have assigned seats with a seating chart. Instead we will open every other row or every third row (determined by 6 ft of social distancing) and ask that different groups leave at least three seats open between them in the same row. When you arrive at service you may now choose where you’d like to sit with your group. We recognize some individuals or families have chosen to live life together during the pandemic and quarantine with one another and would like to sit together. With this seating change, the group size will be limited to the size of the auditorium rows that are unoccupied when you arrive. We will still have an RSVP because we are going to set our max attendance at the state recommended limit for auditoriums of 20% of your total capacity (which is about 125 people for us). The state of Michigan released guidelines about how theaters can operate safely, and we have been looking to implement these recommendations. (The 20% limit was recently increased to 30% if you have fixed seating, but we are going to stay with 20% for the time being to make sure we can maintain social distanced seating.) This change also allows us to move our RSVP deadline back to Saturday. You will still receive the RSVP link in the Bulletin on Mondays, and we will be sending a new reminder RSVP email later in the week which will also communicate how close we are to capacity. 

We still have our other safety guidelines in place such as self-screening for symptoms prior to attending, wearing a mask for the duration of the service, asking the congregation to hum or whisper the worship songs, individual communion elements, etc. You can find a complete list of our safety guidelines here.

You may be asking why these changes now, especially in light of cases going up in our state. We believe our original reopening plans were very conservative in light of the information we had at that time. We have been evaluating our capacity to have a safe and vibrant church service. We have learned a lot since we have reopened, and we believe we have the capacity and ability to make these changes safely to allow for more of you to attend our service on a regular basis. There is tremendous value in being together as a church.

If you are comfortable, we would love for you to attend our church service in person! We deeply want each person in our church to feel welcome to attend and be together. We are called by God to gather together as His church body and worship and connect with one another. Some of you may have felt like you don’t want to take a seat away from someone else or a newcomer, but we have space and would love for each person in our church to come and attend our service even if that means not every person can attend weekly. And we recognize there are a number of health and personal reasons why some of you will continue to join through the livestream, which we bless.

If there are things we can do to make you more comfortable attending or if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Elder and Minister Team at


Erik, Gaia, Graig, Jay, Joel, Kyle, Nik, and Rick

Elder and Minister Team


 Updated 9/6/2020

Hello Church,

Our Elder and Minister Team has been reviewing our reopening procedures now that we have resumed in person services for two months. Though it is different and many of you are still joining over the live stream, it has been really great being able to regather in person and worship the Lord together! We believe our safety policies and procedures are robust and have helped us to reopen responsibly. We have also found these past couple of months as incredibly informative and we have really appreciated the feedback that many of you have shared with us. After reviewing all the policies we have decided to make a few adjustments.

Originally, we were not providing communion elements for in person services. We have just started to try using individually wrapped communion wafers and cups and believe these can be safely administered and taken while briefly lowering one’s mask during the communion portion of the service. We ask that you use some hand sanitizer before taking your communion cup when you arrive, hold on to it until it is time, then remove the elements from their packaging, lower your mask to receive them, and replace your mask. After service, there will be a trash receptacle for everyone to dispose of the packaging. Please note we have not been able to find a distributor of these individually packaged elements that provides a gluten-free wafer, if this affects you, please only drink the provided juice.

Another safety protocol we had in place originally is only having individuals sit with people who they live with as part of their household and practice socially distanced sitting with everyone else. We recognize these are challenging times and that presence and experiencing the church service together are so important. And we recognize that many of you, especially if you are living on your own, may have formed a “pod,” a small group of less than 10 people who you are choosing to share more of life with and not socially distance from as strictly. We are adjusting this safety protocol to allow you to sit in service with people who are part of your pod. We are going to limit these groups to a max of 6 for the time being to allow for socially distanced seating arrangements. An example of this might be the people you drive to a church service with, though you may not live with them, now you all can sit together during the service.

Lastly, previously we were not allowing any live worship song leading in person, all of the musical worship was pre-recorded. We recognize that much of the research shows that singing is a higher-risk activity so we are still asking those in the congregation to hum or whisper the song lyrics. After much consideration, we have decided to allow live worship song leading with one or two worship leaders singing if they are able to sing with a mask or if they are able to take a COVID test earlier that week and receive a negative test result. If that is the case, that worship leader will practice enhanced social distancing between when their test was taken and the Sunday they are leading worship singing. The rest of the worship band will wear masks on stage and for the duration of the service. For some of you, this may cause extra concern, and we understand that and are adding an option on the RSVP to request the back of our auditorium or the balcony if you’d prefer.

We would welcome any questions you have or thoughts or conversations to talk more, you can reach out to us at And we’d like to ask for your continued patience through this process. We love you, we are brothers and sisters in this incredibly challenging season together. Please continue to pray for our church and for wisdom moving forward.

In Jesus,

The Elder and Minister Team (Erik, Gaia, Graig, Jay, Joel, Kyle, Nik, & Rick)

Hello Church!

We, the Elder and Minister Team (EMT), have exciting news for you: we are ready to begin having in person Sunday services starting on August 9th! Due to the reality of the global pandemic season we are all in, these services will involve social-distancing and a number of safety precautions. Some of you may feel like these precautions are not enough and will continue to participate in our Sunday service through our livestream (which we will continue) and others may feel like there are too many precautions. It’s not hard for us to see where people are coming from on both sides of that spectrum. Before we get into those details though, we’d love to share a passage with you:

“Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion. It cannot be shaken; it remains forever. The mountains surround Jerusalem and the Lord. surrounds his people, both now and forevermore.” -Psalm 125:1-2

The people of God have been through many hardships throughout millenia, famines, sickness, slavery, the Exodus, wilderness, war, the destruction of Jerusalem, and exile. Yet there one contrast through it all was Yahweh God. He always stands firm and surrounds His people, just as He does so now with us. Our God is way bigger than a global pandemic and His plans for us as His people and as His church are good. Let us continue to place our trust in Him, amen!? We will exercise the wisdom and caution that He gives, but above all let us place our deepest trust in Him, which keeps us from being shaken!

Turning to the details, we first off want to thank our Reopening Team (which has recently been renamed to the COVID Operations Team) for their hard work in researching the latest updates regarding the virus and safety protocols. Thank you Steveie King, Jessica Branski, Jahred Rapin, and Kara LaFleur for your hard and heroic work! If you have any questions regarding reopening or any of these details please email which will be received by a subset of that team and an EMT member.

Safety Practices:

Masks and Social Distancing: You will be asked to wear a mask and practice 6 ft of social distancing from anyone you don’t live with (even if you don’t distance from them outside of church) while on church property.

Before leaving home for Sunday service please:

  • Use the restroom
  • Take your temperature
  • Bring a mask
  • Bring a bottle of water or a cup of coffee to enjoy (The drinking fountain will be disabled.) Please do not bring any food to the service.
  • Self screen: Have you felt sick this week? Do you have a temperature over 100.4 F? Have you had contact with anyone who tested positive for COVID-19? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please stay home and join us through the live stream service.

Arrival: due to the changes we are making in our service we ask that you plan to arrive between 9:30 and 9:45 to allow for plenty of time to check in.

Parking: Please enter through Angell Elementary’s driveway. Parking volunteers will meet you at the parking lot and ask you a few questions before directing you to a spot. Depending on how you answer the screening questions, we may give you a thermometer that you can keep and ask you to take your own temperature (if you are in need of a thermometer for home, please don’t hesitate to ask!)

Entering the building: Entering the building: Please put on your mask before you get out of your car (there will be a sign in the parking lot to remind you) and leave it on the entire time you are on church property. Enter through the side door where you will be greeted.

Check in: Greeters will welcome you to church and mark off your name on the attendance sheet. You may need to wait in line to check in at the side door. We have placed stickers on the sidewalk to help you socially distance while you wait. Greeters will direct you to your assigned seat. Please then find your seat and sit down.

Service: You made it! You’re going to attend church service in person! Please remain in/at your seat for the entire service. We will not have live in-person singing during musical worship for the time being because singing is a high-risk activity. You may hum or whisper the lyrics during musical worship.

Restrooms: The restrooms on the main floor are available for use, but please try to avoid using them if possible (go before/after church service at home). If you must use a restroom, follow the signage posted about using a disinfecting wipe to clean surfaces before you leave the restroom.

After service: At the close of worship, you will be directed to leave the auditorium and proceed directly out the front door to the lawn. You are welcome to socialize and hang out for as long as you’d like! As previously mentioned, you must wear your mask the entire time you are at New Life. This includes on the front lawn even while you are social distancing.

NLKids: The landscape of children’s ministry looks very different right now, but our mission to guide kids of all ages to come alive to the adventure of knowing and following Jesus as their highest joy and greatest love is unchanging. In order to maintain a safe environment for our children, New Life Kids will not be offering any in person Sunday school classes during August or September. The New Life Kids Director and New Life Kids Advisory Team will continue to monitor this closely and provide another update for October. Weekly Sunday school online will continue to take place on the New Life Kids Facebook Group. As kids begin attending in-person services with their families on Sunday mornings, Melissa Mashner will provide material for children. We love seeing kids take next steps with Jesus and we are also here to equip you as a parent as you disciple your child at home, engage in challenging late night conversations, and navigate difficult questions. For more resources please visit our Parent Resources page at

Children Attending Service: For the time being and for their safety, we ask that all children be pre-school age or older, be able to stay in their seat for the duration of the service, and follow the requirements listed above.

COVID Cases: In the event that you, or someone from your household, were to test positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of this service or be in direct contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 before you attended service, please contact Pastor Joel VanderSchel at Your information will be kept confidential between Betsy Huebner (representing NLC human resources) and Joel. Any information you share will be de-identified/kept anonymous.

You can help create a smooth transition back to in-person church services in a few ways:

  • Please wear your mask the entire time you are on NLC property.
  • Please maintain 6 feet of distance between you and anyone who is not in your household
  • Please be patient and flexible. We’re trying something new, and we’re all going to be learning how to do this together.
  • Help create a culture of kind, respectful, neighborly attitudes at church in the pandemic era. Gently remind others if they come within 6 feet of you or if they have taken off their mask and haven’t put it back on. If it makes more sense for you to promote proper social distancing by moving away from someone, please do so. When someone reminds you to do one of these things, thank them for caring enough to help you put these new behaviors into practice.

In order to maintain social distancing, we will have less capacity in our church auditorium for the time being. In order to allow everyone who wants to attend service equal opportunity to do so, we will send out a RSVP each Monday in the Bulletin. We are anticipating more people wanting to attend each service than we can safely accommodate. There is a question on the form asking the date of the next service you will be able to attend. Those we don’t have space for in a given week will be given priority for the next week they are able to attend. All RSVPs for the current week are due the Thursday before service.If we have space for you at service you will receive an email on Thursday with all the details you could ever want regarding service. If we do not have space for you we will get back to you before Thursday and work toward getting you registered to attend the next service you are available to attend.

For those who do not receive our bulletin, are new to our church, or just want to check New Life out, please use this form to request to attend a service. We will also have a handful of seats reserved for new guests who walk up on a Sunday morning.

We know this is a lot to take in, and for a season, it’s going to feel very different from what we’re used to on a Sunday morning. It’s very understandable to grieve that. And we also believe it will be incredibly beautiful and good to begin meeting together in person again and worshipping the Lord with another! We would love to ask you to be patient with us and with one another as we work through this process. We believe we are going to learn a lot over time, there will be new information or developments about the pandemic, and we may need to adjust a number of things over time. We also welcome your feedback, you are welcome to send it to our Elder and Minister Team at and/or to our CoVID Operations Team at Lastly, we’d love to ask you to please continue to cover our church and community in prayer!


The Elder and Minister Team (Erik, Gaia, Graig, Jay, Joel, Kyle, Nik, & Rick)