Thrive (Women’s Events)

We’ve been promised that this world is going to be hard.  There will be sin, mistakes, broken promises, unpleasant surprises, and grief.  As women who love God and follow Jesus, how do we be bounce back from adversity and thrive in this world?  How do we press on when it feels like we keep running into the same brick walls over and over? What would it look like if we shed the lies we believe about ourselves and put our identity in Christ?

This year at Thrive Women’s Weekend, our theme is “Resilient”.

Make time to come to this intergenerational women’s weekend where you can grow in your relationship with God, others, and yourself. We are expecting God to do great things as we set apart two days to focus on God, his Word, and how we as women can resilient as we walk through life.

The weekend will include teaching, worship through music, workshops to grow your skills and passions, meals together, giveaways, and more. The weekend will take place in the buildings on the New Life Church campus and at the University Lutheran Church.   The retreat begins at 6PM on Friday, January 18th and ends at 8PM on Saturday, January 19th.

All women who are high school aged and older are invited to Thrive Women’s Weekend 2019.

The cost is $25 and the last day to register for this event is Saturday, January 11th.  Space is limited, registering early is recommended!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact: / 517-795-6239

Thrive Women’s Weekend “Resilient” Schedule


5:30-6:15PM Registration at University Lutheran Chapel

6:30PM Welcome and Giveaways

6:50PM- Session #1 “Realign” Sara-Marie Kuntz

8:00PM- Thrive Group

9:15-10:30PM Make and Take Art (Stephanie Hupp)



8:00AM- Breakfast at University Lutheran Chapel

9:00 Session #2 “Reclaim” Lauren Mounsey

10:30AM Personal Quiet Time

11:30AM Workshop #1

-Extended Quiet Time (You + God)

-Meditation & Yoga Flow (Julie Behm) 1541 BBR

-Prayer (Sarah Scadding) Side Room ULC

1:00PM- Lunch with Thrive Group

1:50PM- Session #3 “Reset” Alexi Weber

2:30PM- Panel on Resilience and Failure

3:30PM  Workshop #2

-Ukulele Worship (Amy Sierzega) 1541 BBR

-Simplicity (Rachel Constantino) Side Room ULC

-Gratitude + Legacy (Steveie King) Dining Room ULC

5:00PM- Dinner

6:10PM- Welcome, Giveaways, and Announcements

6:30PM- Session #3  “Reignite” Hannah Witte

8:00PM- END

We look forward to spending the weekend with YOU.

-Thrive Women’s Ministry Team

Registration for the event has ended.  
Please contact with any questions or if you need assistance.