Thrive (Women’s Events)

In a Pinterest perfect, Instagram worthy, and comparison heavy world, it’s hard to be satisfied with who we are and where we are at in life.  The messages from the world all around us are telling us that we’re not enough or that we are too much, we aren’t good enough, we’re not working hard enough, and we’re not not worth it.  We find ourselves spiraling into the world of fantasy and wishes. Thinking about escape routes, schemes to take us as far away from this moment and ourselves as possible, dreaming of what could be.

“I just have to survive this for a couple more years, then things will get better.”

“I just need to be a little smaller/bigger/prettier/happier/funnier and then things will change.”

“Once I get a boyfriend and get married, my real life will begin.”

“Her life is so much better than mine, what about her makes her so special?”

“If only I had a better car/house/wardrobe/phone/whatever, I’d be happier.”

But, what if you could stop the spiral?  What if you could really believe who you are, what you have, and where you are is enough?  What if you could be satisfied with your perfectly imperfect life?

Friday April 13th & Saturday April 14th, we’ll be practicing and learning how to be content.  We know we won’t have it all figured out in one weekend, but together, we’ll begin the journey toward contentment.

Through worship, speakers, workshops and more, we’ll be discovering more of what it means through God to be content with our:







This weekend will include teaching, worship through music, workshops to grow your skills and passions, meals all together, giveaways, and more. The weekend will take place in the buildings on the New Life Church campus and at the University Lutheran Church.   The retreat begins at 7PM on Friday, April 13th and ends at 8PM on Saturday, April 14th.  You’ll sleep in your own home on Friday night.

All women who are high school aged and older are invited to Thrive Women’s Weekend 2018.

The cost is $20 and the last day to register for this event is Saturday, April 7th.  Space is limited, registering early is recommended! Register for Be Here Now

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact: / 517-795-6239

We look forward to spending the weekend with YOU.  

-Thrive Women’s Ministry Team