SALT (Men’s Events)


SALT:Respond is a 24-hour getaway where men can grow closer to God and each other. Our backdrop will be the story of Abraham, who had to deal with cranky relatives, belligerent neighbors, infertility, marital struggles, and crazy demands from God. Join us as we learn to be good First Responders, as men, to every situation and relationship God places us in. We’ll have Bonfires and Basketball, Camaraderie and Contemplation, Dodgeball and Donuts. All for $50, which includes meals. Contact Dave Hawkins at or 734.368.0578

Mens Getaway: RESPOND
Somerset Beach Campground

April 22nd & 23rd
(Leave Friday at 6 PM, return Saturday by 6 PM )

Cost: $50


SALT is the men’s event ministry at New Life Church, which complements our men’s small groups and one-on-one mentoring by providing larger events for fellowship and growth in Christ. The name SALT alludes to our calling to be the salt of the earth. SALT is also an acronym for Standing Alone, Living Together. There are many situations where God calls us as men to stand alone as the only person who will rise up, speak truth, and do God’s will. Our preference, however, is to live life together in the company of other men, not withdrawing or being lone rangers but rather joining forces to advance God’s Kingdom. Our men’s ministry seeks to equip men to Stand Alone, but encourage them to Live Together.

The SALT calendar includes a wide range of activities. We hold workshops periodically on topics such as Manhood 101, Fatherhood, or Pursuing the Heart of a Woman. We host semi-annual mens getaways, which are 24-hour events packed with practical teaching as well as recreational time. We also venture out to Appalachia every summer for a weekend of camping and whitewater rafting. The SALT leadership team is also available for one-on-one mentoring.

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