church designed for college students.

We believe in transforming the college culture to become a place where people are accepted unconditionally — regardless of their race, social status, or personal situation in life. Where people give freely to each other, according to need. Where people are real with each other, with nothing to fear, and authentic relationships matter.

We believe the college years are some of the most formative in a person’s life, a time where they discover who they are and decide what they will believe.

We are focused on helping University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University students become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ as they pursue their faith in college. To live as a group of people who love God and have been set free by His grace.

where does church happen?

We gather on Sundays to worship God and hear relevant teachings, powerful music, and real life stories. Starting in September we’ll be meeting on Sunday mornings at 10:01am and 11:33am at our building located at 1541 Washtenaw Ave, right across from the painted rock on campus.

We also gather throughout the week in dorms, coffee shops, and apartments to share our lives and discuss the Bible and teachings of Jesus Christ. We come to experience real relationships in small groups and New Life Teams, our house churches made up of multiple small groups that meet around campus.

You can join us on Sunday or throughout the week. To find out where our small groups and New Life Teams meet, click the button below for more information.

find your community

Joining a small group helps you connect with other students who live in your part of campus. You can visit us first on a Sunday morning, or just get in touch with us right now and we’ll let you know what small groups are available in your area of campus. Click the button below to learn more!

Don’t go to UM? That’s alright. You can still join a small group community, or check out our affiliated churches at other schools.